Welcome to my portfolio of Interactive Design and Art Direction. The site is responsive, so you can resize it for your tablet or mobile device.

I'm a designer who likes coming up with unique ideas and create user experiences to brand, sell and market products and services. Whether it's through websites, mobile, banner ads or landing pages. My goal at the end of the day is to make sure the designs are memorable. Delivering great execution in layout and design to make sure your message is being delivered.

In addition to design, I can also do production work in flash, CSS/HTML, HTML5, Photoshop, Illustrator, AS3, AS2, I'm also a designer who can work with developers to build more complex and advance tech such as HTML5 animation, dynamically driven ads, 3D, or after effects projects. I understand digital, I can design and spec with open possibilities and understand limitations. Of course I can't say I know everything, but I'll tinker and scope out the next thing.

I'm into photography, videography, travelling, learning about business, outdoor adventure and a lot more.